Black has always been one of the star colors in fashion. Black is synonymous with elegance, versatile and at the same time helped by its many possibilities. Now it is also seen more and more in decoration. It is already used habitually adding depth to some walls, giving character to upholstery, dressing black lacquered furniture... giving, in short, the special point in finishes with a truly sophisticated look. The black color has been spreading through each and every one of the rooms of the house. It has reached the decoration of the living room, the bedrooms, or even dark bathrooms have become fashionable. And in the kitchen? That space in which white has reigned for decades, almost always combined with wood, and which little by little lends itself to other variations: kitchens with fun colors, kitchens with a metallic finish, etc. And, now also, kitchens in black. Get inspired!

Source: Elle Decor