So much to see, so much to read and some lovely links for the weekend...

*17 Powder Rooms That Delighted Us in 2021 {Elle Decor}
*Which Covid tests do I need for travel? The rules explained. {CNT}
*And Just Like That: Where in the World Is Aidan? {VF}
*Recipe: Obscenely Chocolatey Chocolate Cookies {Bonappetit}
*10 Films To Look Forward To In 2022 {Vogue}
*The best luxury vegan, cruelty-free beauty products {HB}
*The 50 best Podcasts of 2021 {The Atlantic}
*A paper planner can keep you more organized...{ILW}
*Brilliant BBC dramas we can't wait to watch in 2022 {RedUK}
*60 Hilarious Cat Memes You Will Laugh at Every Time {RD}
*Experts Predict the Top 11 Hair Trends for 2022 {Real Simple}


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