I love flowers, they make our life much better, make us happy, satisfied and truly amazed: "Ranunculus is a genus made up of almost 600 species of flowers that belong to the plant family known as Ranunculaceae. The flowers are often referred to as water crowfoots, buttercups or spearworts and are easily identifiable as a result of their layers of petals. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colours, adding some much-needed vibrancy and texture to any garden The most common colours include pink, red, gold, yellow, white and orange flowers. They can grow to be 30 centimetres high, although you can choose a dwarf plant that will only grow to about 20 centimetres in length. They’ll grow to around 30 centimetres wide. These long stalks make the plant ideal for cutting and placing in a vase, where they can last over a week."