Teresa Lim (@teeteeheehee) is an illustrator and embroidery artist based in Singapore. She graduated with a first class honours from Lasalle College of the Arts majoring in Fashion Textile Design and has been working on everything and anything embroidery and textiles ever since. She is known for having a contemporary and thoughtful approach to embroidery and has had her work showcased in various countries and in publications both local and internationally. Anywhere Teresa goes, she takes the time to make an embroidered souvenir, depicting the beautiful landscapes or famous landmarks that she visited. As of now, she has brought these little embroidery souvenirs from such places as Vietnam, Tokyo, Prague, Germany. “I started the project late 2014 after I realized that with today’s state of the art technology, taking pictures becomes so easy. I wanted something more from my travels, to be able to take back a part of those historical sites with me. When I’m done with a piece, I actually feel like I KNOW that place, and that gives me a huge sense of satisfaction that I think just taking a photo wouldn’t give.” She said.